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What makes you Crush Worthy to others?

Remember that first ‘REAL’ crush you had growing up? I’m talking about that crush that you would do ANYTHING for [& you probably did.]

You’d go to the ends for the earth to find out everything you could about them & do whatever you could to make them notice you.

You’d find out their:

  • Favorite color
  • Favorite music
  • What like to eat
  • Where they hangout
  • Who are their friends
  • And so on


Then you take that information & tell all of your friends about them, while conspiring to capture their attention. This is what you do when you have a crush on someone.

Well… What if you did this for your business & attract the kind of clients you want to work with? Would you invest the time & resources to get their attention?


What’s this Girl know about being Crush Worthy?

Well here’s how I got here…. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been that girl who puts myself in situations that get the attention of those I want to notice me. [Yep! Even as a little kiddo. Cue goofy look on my face in this picture.]

How do I do it?…. I learned to see people beyond, ‘Hi! Nice to meet you.’ Whether I am at work or play, I truly want to get to know people. Here are just a few of the things I do:

  • Learn what lights them up
  • Discover their goals/dreams
  • Get to know what they like to do for fun
  • Identify their roadblocks
  • Figure out their pain points
  • Etc.

Investing time in the actions above can have amazing results. Here are just a few examples I’ve experienced:

  • Operations & Marketing Depts vying for my attention & time
  • Helping companies retain clients with amazing customer service during messy situations
  • Creating new job positions by developing crucial systems & processes 
  • Helping others focus on what really matters by clearing their mental clutter
  • Receiving invites from locals to attend area events, while traveling & on vacation!

Ready to become your clients favorite crush?

Want More Behind the Scenes?

So you’re probably wondering where the Cheers Lovely came from. Well as you can see from the picture here, I ADORE England! It’s one of my favorite places in the world, & Cheers and Lovely are just a couple of my favorite words in the English language. So there you have it. Cheers Lovely.

Two of the pics are my must go to fave places every time I go. The Mount Inn. An absolutely beautiful little pub up in the Cotswold Hills overlooking the valley below. [The picture does NOT do it justice.]

The bottom right picture is of Witley Court and Gardens. One of the most magical places I’ve ever been. [Can you say love at first sight? ♥] Here’s a home that was ravaged by fire, & the family just walked away from it. [What!?! Ok, there’s probably more to it than that.] Eventually, the English Heritage acquired the estate, & have since been lovingly restoring it, starting with the Perseus & Andromeda Fountain. [As seen in the picture.]

Lastly, the picture in the upper right is of me & my lovely cousin, Kate, having a proper pint. [A must in England.]

Now that you’ve seen behind the scenes of Cheers Lovely, take a minute & think about:  Where could you go? What could you see? Who could you help? If your brand was Crush Worthy?